Welcome to All Things Merino!

This website and blog is being built due to a recent obsession with one thing….Merino Wool! Over the past several years I have purchased a number of merino wool products and fell in love with the wicking properties and natural odor resistance of the material. With this new found love I began an attempt to convert my wardrobe to strictly merino wool.

This page is being developed to track that conversion as well as discuss the benefits of an all natural product like merino wool.

One of the other major problems that I ran into quickly on the path to conversion was the price. For many, the price of a merino wool product is a strong barrier to making the switch. I have scoured the internet for amazing deals and will try to post some of the best deals along with product reviews so that others can make an informed decision on what products are the best bang for the buck and hopefully get some great deals.

Prepare to be converted!


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